Tatting lace tutorials – tatted lace

I offer you my tatting lace tutorials for shuttle tatting or sometimes needle tatting. Version de cette page en français

A comparison of techniques: shuttle, needle and hook

– Equipment


A detailed comparison of the shuttles

A comparison of the sizes of the seed beads

Calculate the length of thread on the shuttle

Change the size of thread

– Tatting lace tutorials for the double stitch

The different types of gesture in tatting

Videos for the double stitch (loop method):

– The double double stitch   How and to what use

– Undo  A tutorial to undo tatting

The twisted chain   Explanations and advice

– Beads

Tutorial put a bead on a picot and What tool to put a bead on a picot

Tutorial put beads on the shuttle thread or the ball thread

Tutorial beads between 2 split rings

Set of picots and beads

Using a mock ring to have a pearl in a ring

Pulled loop join

– Front and back in tatting

Front and back method VS method Jan Stawasz

My method for front back method

– Tatting lace tutorials for split ring

Vidéo Split ring

Tutorial for interlaced split rings

– Block tatting Tutorial for block tatting (chain on chain)

– Roll tatting Tips and pattern with roll tatting

– Interlaced split rings Experiment and pattern

– Mock ring  Tutorial for SCMR and mock ring for beads.

Rosette with double row of rings Rosette with double row of rings

– Tatting lace tutorials for cluny

Several ways to tat clunies

My way for cluny


The Turkish petal

Vidéo: The Turkish petal