Tutorial: undo shuttle tatting

Tutorial: undo shuttle tatting

Ouch, ouch, ouch, I was wrong! How to undo your work in shuttle tatting?


  • First case: there are only a few stitches to undo. In this case, simply remove the nodes one at a time by helping you on your crochet hook.

  • Second case: there are many stitches. In this case, remove the nodes one by one is tedious and more or less risk of damaging your thread (more or less depending on quality).

You know that the thread of the shuttle slides under the bobbin thread:

Fil navette bobine

You should:

Unwind the thread of your shuttle

Stretch the knots enough to see the thread of the shuttle

– Using a crochet hook, you can pull the thread of the shuttle. And that’s it!



About rings: for ring, you have to open it before undo stitches.

It’s all the same, you have to use the crochet hook for pull the thread. Pull gently at first and hold the knots so it don’t flip.

4 thoughts on “Tutorial: undo shuttle tatting

  1. Ah merci pour l’astuce qui ne fonctionne que lorsqu’on ne c’est pas trompé dans les noeuds, je veux dire quand on a bien fait le transfert, ou pas fait le transfert dans le cas d’un anneau fendu, mais ça va être une aide précieuse alors merci beaucoup pour l’astuce.

    1. Merci de passer par là Caroline. Que le transfert soit fait ou pas, le principe est toujours le même: tirer le fil de trame 🙂

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