Tutorial for tatting cluny

Tutorial for tatting cluny

Since a week, I devote my time to the design of new patterns. I have already put online a tutorial for Split Ring and I will put on sale my new patterns in the coming weeks.


I contribute today to increase this list with a tutorial for the cluny (subject that fascinates me for a long time).

In a previous post, I had  a synthesis of cluny techniques in tatting and bobbin lace.

The videos of tatting clunies show the techniques of Elisa du Sud and Edwige Renaudin. In my opinion, Edwige’s technique is the easiest to grasp. But she uses a particular tool, probably made-to-measure.
Not having such material, I found my solution to me … and that will be easily accessible to all!


I myself make my craft bobbin lace by cutting a plate of thick polystyrene. In the end this plate serves me a lot. I use it for blocking … and for clunies.

I place needles at the edge of the plate at 2/3 cm distance as follows:


The thread is placed as follows:


Then, the cluny is woven between the thread:



When the cluny is formed:

– Detach the needle thread. For ease, leave in place the shuttle that is held by the needles.

– Pull the loop of thread that you have between your fingers towards you

– When the thread is fully pulled, pull the second shuttle.




6 thoughts on “Tutorial for tatting cluny

  1. J’avais également admiré l’outil “spécial point d’esprit”n d’Edwige Renaudin sur cette vidéo. C’est super que tu ais pu créer quelque chose de similaire avec juste quelques épingles. Merci pour ce très bon tutoriel.
    Ça me réconciliera peut-être avec le point d’esprit. À suivre…

    1. Claire, c’est suite au commentaire que tu avais fait sur la vidéo D’Edwige Renaudin que j’ai eu l’idée de ce tutoriel. Je trouve cette méthode plus facile, et comme tu vois on peut facilement l’appliquer! 🙂

  2. This is a great series of diagrams ! I have this technique on my to-learn list & your diagrams are Very clear & self-explanatory . I am adding this to my Resources page for future reference.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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