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I could not go to work this week, something like a flu. And Thursday around 6:00, my sister sends me an SMS “fire at Lubrizol”. I turn on the radio. Indeed, one of the most dangerous chemical factories in the region had already been burning for several hours. And nothing. No siren sounded before 7:30 to alert the population. Everyone could sleep quietly.

We caulked the house as well as we could and waited. Outside a strong hydrocarbon smell. Black dust on the floor. The oily traces here and there.

“It smells like death” as my son says.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was good enough to help me express my distress and my feeling of helplessness.

4 thoughts on “Lubrizol

  1. Oh dear !!! Hope things have settled down ?
    Is this from Rousseau’s Confessions? I’ve read the entire book and it is indeed impressive — the range of his thoughts and ideas.

    1. Really? Rousseau is a very interesting philosopher indeed. The book is “Essai sur l’origine des langues” (Essay on the origin of languages).

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