A summer without tatting

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Yes, as incredible as it may seem, I haven’t tatted much this summer.

First, because I went on a traveling holiday in tent and public transit. I had brought with me a shuttle and a knit shawl already well advanced. Unfortunately, I left my wallet in a train !!! . ・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.
In addition to having lost a knit that represented many hours of work, I did not want to end up with nothing to do on the return bus. I could not find a tatting shuttle on site. However, I found something to restart a shawl in a small craft shopHuldra Husflid og Kunsthandverk. Wool!

On my return, I took advantage of my last days of vacation to rehabilitate the house: a bathroom in work for too long, beams and a neglected barrier, not to mention the storage that I can not do during this year. And then in the evening, exhausted by the DIY, I wanted to finish this cardigan. Wool!

And then, I had to make a headboard. To go with our freshly made wool mattress, I ordered wool carded at Laines Paysannes. As I had a little left, I made a pillow with (the children had quarreled to have it (^ ~ ^)). And then to look more closely I found that our old polyester pillows were out of breath. And second order hop, and again wool!

A bit of frivolity all the same? Oh yes, with tatting exposure in Cartelègue with my friends. (☆ ^ O ^ ☆) And presto, I get back to it!

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