Halldòra shawl

Holiday homework: lopi sweater and Halldòra shawl

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In my suitcase, I took my shuttles, then at the last moment I slipped some knitting needles. Finally, leaving my shuttles aside was beneficial: I thus come out of my “comfort” to confront me with a textile art that masters less. ( ~⌣~) ~

I have finalized the Lopi sweater based on Helen Magnusson’s pattern from the book Tricots islandais.

Lopi sweater

Lopi sweaterIn the same book, I dream for a long time to knit Halldòra shawl. I think it is not a very complicated model, but as knit lace is really a first for me, it requires some effort of rigor.

I think I’ll be happy to wear it, even full of mistakes ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

Halldòra shawl

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