Misadventure of free pattern

I hoped to make interesting meetings on the occasion of my demonstration of tatting for the ” European Days of art professions”. Indeed, I met Eve who embroiders on paper.

I had never seen this kind of thing, it is absolutely magnificent!marque-page-brode-main-motif-plume
I invite you to discover her shop:les fils rouges.


I took advantage of this démontration to start a new necklace for once, not a personal pattern, but an attractive one coming from a Russian language. I thought in priori that it was about a vintage pattern. But I go of disappointment to disappointment with it!

On one hand, the diagram is strange. It is indistinct and I don’t still know when are joints. Of more, the diagram indicates a free thread to certain places, but it is not very attractive. I had to replace by chains. In brief, I make multiple adaptations!

On the other hand, having asked a question on this matter on the forum of ” intatters “, it is possible that this pattern is a plagiarism of a contemporary book. At a closer look, it not there no source nor of Creative Common Licence…

Which shows that  it is necessary to be careful with what we find on the Internet: I don’t even dare to put a photo!