Strange week

I didn’t tat a lot this week: the health of my father is bad and he is admitted in a hospital.

Clair de Lune Noire But I tatted my fourth jewel for my 25 motif challenge.

After the feather necklace, I have a lot of little beads on black thread DMC size 80. Then, I tatted this earrings.

In the absence of tatting, I imagined new patterns. I have several ideas, but at the moment, I changed this little motif already used for several jewels. Based on it, I did that:

101_1319 101_1320





I begin with a black thread Cébélia size 30, but the result isn’t clean enough. The thread seems thick and soft.

I’m tatting it again with a white Cébélia thread size 40. I find it better.


About beads, it’s the most little Miyuki’s beads. But for the first time, I had the idea of 3 beads on the join between 2 rings. I like very much the result.

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