Thank you for respecting copyrights!

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I’m not the paranoid type. When I see a pattern that looks like one of mine, I’m aware that it’s possible someone else had a similar idea. But it’s clear that on some original designs, there’s no doubt. As luck would have it, yesterday Instagram’s algorithms suggested a video showing MY design. As my patterns are registered, I’ve reported the videos on the various platforms. I hope to succeed quickly, but these videos are several months old and have already had a large number of views. The damage is already done.

All this to say 2 things: On the one hand, I’d like to make people aware of the fact that developing a model takes time (and sometimes really a lot of time).

Let me remind you that blogs are full of free patterns (a directory of French patterns can be found here).

On the other hand, I have a high regard for tatting. In my opinion, it’s a lace-making art that deserves more recognition. I respect my work and I don’t give my patterns away. There’s no reason to work for free. That doesn’t stop me from volunteering a lot of my time for the Association Française de Frivolité.

So what to do now? No decision out of anger, I will finish the work in progress, that gives me time to think.

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