Celtic experimantal bracelet

Celtic experimental bracelet

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Recently I wondered about the interlaced split rings. Muskaan made a very good tutorial on his blog, but I never see a pattern that uses this technique.

Muskaan kindly indicated publications in which this technique is used to make bookmarks. By adding pearls, I told myself that it could make a bracelet with 3 rows of split rings.

So I started my interlaced split rings following Muskaan’s tutorial, that is to say with 6 shuttles … a real nightmare ٩(⚙ȏ⚙)۶

I quickly realized that I could do this in another way, much less difficult: First make a first row of split rings, then a second, and interlaced the third using Celtic shuttles.

For the 3rd row of split rings, proceed as follows:

Bracelet celtique expérimental
The Celtic shuttle must pass through the rings to form the ring loop.
Bracelet celtique expérimental
We get this, so we can tat he split ring on the back of the work.
Bracelet celtique expérimental
After tatting the double stitches and the reverse stitches of the split ring, the first shuttle is passed in the right row.
Bracelet celtique expérimental
We do the same with the second shuttle.
Bracelet celtique expérimental
Bracelet celtique expérimental
The split ring is closed.

This will be done in the same way for the next ring, but the reverse will have to go back to the back of the work.

Bracelet celtique expérimental

Conclusion of this experiment:

  • First, I didn’t really do what I thought at the start.
  • Then, we can say that I used Vega 40 because I wanted to at the time, but using a thicker wire would better highlight the interlacing.
  • On the other hand, the choice of the color of the threads and beads is far from being clever. I think there would be much better to do to make this pattern interesting.
  • And finally, I apologize because due the trial and error at the start, my work lacks neat. It is far from impeccable, but I share my experience with you in the hope that it can be useful to someone. As for me, I don’t want to do it again to improve for the moment. ₊⚛⁺(ؔ꒨◡ؔ꒨)ᵌ

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  1. Where can one find the metal closure that is used for this bracelet? What is the name for this type of closure

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