front back method

Front back method, my way of tatting

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I have already wrote two posts in this blog about front back method and on the comparison with the Jan Stawasz method. Indeed, in my search for a better result, I realized that it’s a set of small details, which make the difference. I think working with the front back method or the Jan Stawasz method does that.

But for a long time I didn’t manage to do it really by carelessness and because it required too much concentration. Then I finally found MY method to work rigorously on the front side without being wrong.


So I tat without turning the work, sometimes with the knots upside down. I just took the reflex to start with an over stitch upside down.

Ideally, I would systematically make lark’s head joins so that the result is really perfect. But that slows down the work a lot, so much so that I give it up more often.

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