Celtic tatting pattern

Celtic tatting pattern for earrings

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A few days ago, I posposed on Instagram and Facabook to follow a Celtic tatting pattern for earrings. For those who are not on these social networks and / or who want to easily find the pattern, I put here the photos.

Have a good tatting!

modèle de boucles d'oreilles celtiques
First, you must gather the equipment: you need a cotton thread size 40, a single shuttle and a 30mm creole earring that opens.
modèle de boucles d'oreilles celtiques
First step: make a ring of 6 double stitches. Then turn the work.
Tat a chain: 4 double stitches, a small picot, 32 DS, a small picot and 4 DS. Turn the work.
Repeat the ring and the chain that you made to get 4.
Cut the threads leaving about 20 cm to hide the ends.
Now it comes to positioning the Celtic knot as pictured. Hmm, difficult to give other explanations!
Join the beginning and end, and hide the ends.
Thread the picots into the creoles. Then all you have to do is close the creoles.

And here’s the result!

modèle de boucles d'oreille celtiques

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