bracelet of layering tatted flowers

Bracelet of layering tatted flowers

Multiple projects occupy me this moment, outstanding amounts begin to accumulate. I don’t like it at all. This bracelet of layering tatted flowers has kept me busy for a while. The basic pattern is a simple classic.

I thought it was interesting to have a layering effect, but we had to do a lot of motifs.

The seed beads in the center allow to give the holding and weight to the cuff. I used a polyester thread and a Swarovski button. (•‾̑⌣‾̑•)

4 thoughts on “Bracelet of layering tatted flowers

  1. Une photo sur ton poignet aurait été bien pour voir ce que ça donnait 😉
    C’ est super si tu as plusieurs projets.
    bonne journée bisous

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