Comparative of tatting shuttles

Comparative of tatting shuttles

Comparative of tatting shuttles: It’s been a long time since I know what kind of shuttle fits me. However, I recently acquired a few extra shuttles to allow my students to try several brands. I make you enjoy!


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  1. A Clover Column and Pointless Shuttle is the smallest of them all. However, it contains as much wire as the Clover Shuttle # 4 (better known). This is my new favorite!

  2. A Prym brand shuttle with column: small and light, handy, but with a limited storage capacity. I find them convenient to tat quickly.

  3. A Sunlit shuttle to column with a tip. Also small and manageable, but with a larger thread storage capacity. The tip can be convenient without being troublesome.

  4. A Clover shuttle (small model) column with a curved tip. Good storage capacity, I find it nice, but slightly less manageable because of the tip.
    It also exists in size XL when you need a lot of thread or beads.

  5. A handcrafted wooden shuttle of Mr. Jean Roux.

  6. A Prym shuttle to column that I find perfect: handy, can hold a lot of thread and does not rewind itself.
    Those who do not like it blame it for being difficult to wind / unwind.

  7. Aerlit bobbin shuttle with an crochet hook. The bobbin can be changed to move from one to another without changing the shuttle. The hook can be practical to avoid the use of the crochet hook in addition to the shuttle … BUT the size of the hook is not necessarily adapted to the thread used (in this case it is too big for the thread that I use ).
    Personally I hate this shuttle while others swear by it! It depends on the gesture, the size of the hand etc …

  8. An imitation Aerlit shuttle without mark or brand Pony. Even longer than the Aerlit, it looks like it but doesn’t have the qualities: the locking of the bobbin isn’t done properly. Unusable in my opinion!

  9. Moonlit shuttle with column and hook. This shuttle has a large storage capacity of thread and / or beads. The hook is too big for the thread I use, but I admit that it is still convenient for the transport not to have a separate hook.


2 thoughts on “Comparative of tatting shuttles

  1. La 9-Moonlit est également très pratique quand on a beaucoup de perles à mettre sur sa navette. Je ne l’utilise que pour les bijoux style bracelet Russe.

    1. Elle m’a surpris par sa taille au début, mais finalement je l’aime assez. Que ce soit pour voyager tout-en-un, pour mettre beaucoup de perles ou beaucoup de fil.

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