tatting double double stitch

Tutorial for tatting double double stitch

A conversation on the Facebook group gives me the opportunity for a new tutorial: double double stitch!

A double double stitch is used to obtain a stronger bow than usual. It is particularly recommended for very long chains because there is less deformation.

The goal is to get a knot at 4 feet instead of 2.


tuto double-double nœud


During the first part of the stitch, before tightening the knot, return the shuttle in the loop in the direction indicated by the red arrow.








tuto double-double nœud

Then do the second part of the knot. Likewise, you must pass again the shuttle in the loop in the direction indicated by the red arrow.







2 thoughts on “Tutorial for tatting double double stitch

  1. For some weird reason, I cannot see the rose you tatted ! Saw it on 25 Motif Challenge, but not visible here ?! Beautiful rose !!!

    I love this stitch & it has so many more applications & I use it frequently in my patterns. If you search for “padded tatting” in my blog, you will come across my experiments, in case you are interested 🙂

    1. This is a little experiment I showed on Facebook to the group “Frivolité”. A recent conversation talking about balance double stich and I found it was perfect to tat this. Some do not know , so I made a tutorial. Your blog is full of resources!

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