Tutorial interlaced split rings

Tutorial interlaced split rings

How to tat interlaced split rings?




1. Tat a first chain of split rings in blue on the photos. The second chain of split rings (in black) will come to nest around the first.


2. Tat a split ring.










3. 101_4704Pass the blue chain of split rings through the split ring before closing it.










4. Close.101_4705












6 thoughts on “Tutorial interlaced split rings

  1. Good pictorial ! Very clear steps 🙂
    It is the same method that Jane McLellan (janemactats) did her Choker, etc. The braid comes out much neater. And is much easier than tatting with 4 shuttles ;-P
    Thanks for sharing the process .

    1. Thank you for your passage here Muskaan . I learned this technique by making the necklace Janemactat . I share process as resources for tatting in French are quite rare. It is my contribution to help popularize the tatting in France !

    1. Thank you Jane. This is not the same way to interleave rings. This is the work which 4 shuttles Muskaan spoke. Then it’s a matter of preference 🙂

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