Tatting tutorial : set of picots and beads

Tatting tutorial : set of picots and beads

Following a topic on the Facebook group frivolité, I brainstormed a famous bracelet Lelya, and vintage pattern.


This led me to imagine new earrings with a play of picots in the center.



I propose a little explanation about the thing in the middle.



This is to make two very long picots (the most difficult is to determine the length depending on the pattern).








The first long picot joined after passing a pearl.










The second picot is passed in the opposite direction in the bead and joint.





As I like this pattern, I added a second version in one of my earrings!





5 thoughts on “Tatting tutorial : set of picots and beads

  1. This is Very Interesting and your 2nd pair of earrings is Perfect – the ‘crossing’ picots can be seen clearly . Thanks for the explanation as well 🙂

      1. Well, the pleasure is all mine 🙂 I enjoy your beautiful tatting, and all the tips & tutorials you put out. Haven’t begun bead tatting in earnest yet. But am collecting your tips 🙂

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