Beads for tatting lace

Beads for tatting lace

Today, beads for tatting lace! Essential for a jewelry lace really looks like a jewelry, it is also in my opinion what makes the difference with lace cut mounted as jewelry.

Beads for tatting lace

Both beads right in the photo are pearls found easily in store: 2.6 and 2 mm in diameter. When compared with the thread size 80, they are huge. The quality is often poor, seed beads are quite irregular. I quickly came to seek more beads!

When the province you live like me, you have to order on the internet to find smaller. So I started by ordering Miyuki beads size 15/0 (3rd from right). Japanese Toho competitor manufactures quality pearls and Miyuki same size.

I use these beads for months with a total satisfaction. I put them on hand (it’s boring!) Because they spend just on the thread size 40. It is sometimes a little force to move on picots, but as I love the finesse … I do.

I need new seed beads, and I wanted to try the Czechs Preciosa beads. I ordered the same size 15/0. But then surprise, it does not correspond to the same dimension (the bead left). In fact, these beads measure 1.5mm in diameter while the total Japanese beads measure the hole.

In short these beads are usable only over a size 80, however the consistency and quality seems just as good as Japanese pearls.



size of the bead in mm

Size of the hole in mm

Miyuki delicas 15/0



Miyuki delicas 11/0



Miyuki rocaille 15/0



Miyuki rocaille 11/0



Toho rocaille 15/0



Toho rocaille 11/0



Preciosa mini-rocaille 15/0

1 d’après ma mesure


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