Liliputian lace



I bought cabochons.
101_0565 101_0564

Usually cabochons are used to put pictures. But of course, I wanted to put some lace on it. I tried it a first time, but it was too big. The glass of the cabochon is magnifying, so the pattern was magnifying.
I found a solution using my finest thread: Silk Gutterman 110. But that was not the end of my problems! I used a clear glue, but it left marks. I had to do several tests to get a net result on each pair of earring.



2 thoughts on “Liliputian lace

  1. Really like the effect, Lilas! I like your son’s name for you, as well. 🙂 I haven’t spoken French for 25 years (fairly fluent in college) but I can follow your blog all right.

    1. My son was very young when he said that to me (2 or 3 years). He thought his mother was as pretty as a flower!
      My English is not very good: this blog is a good training for me!

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