Cluny tatting

Tatting cluny

I’ve been silent on the blog for a little while. This doesn’t mean that I don’t tatting, not at all!

For several months, I have been working hard on cluny tatting. I have always found this decorative motif to be very fascinating. Unfortunately, leaf made in tatting are not always very beautiful. To be honest, I find them much less harmonious than those that can be done in bobbin lace. And I admire above all those of Brioude.

Just for the pleasure, I share here one of the making of the Hôtel de la Dentelle de Brioude.

To my knowledge, cluny tatting appeared in 1924 in the Priscilla tatting book 3 .

Furthermore, I compared the cluny tatting of all the big names in tatting that I could find. The most beautiful that I have seen are those of Elisa du Sud.

In short, I work intensely on cluny tatting because I really want to imagine new patterns with pretty leaves. It’s a real challenge to have a nice shape, and event more to have a good regularity. It’s not perfect yet, but I’m making progress!

To be continued…

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