Authors of tatting patterns and where to find their patterns

I propose a list of authors of tatting patterns and where to find their patterns, their blog. This list is not exhaustive, of course. Feel free to report other authors, blogs that I have forgotten or other …


Name Books Blog Website
Corina Meyfeldt


Gary et Randy Houltz “The Shuttle Brothers” 5 books to sell on their website


Edda Guastalla  Magazine Casa Creativa n°20 – 21 – 22 – 23 – 24!blog/gnz2m

Edwige Renaudin La frivolité aux navettes : Volume 1, Les bases fondamentales perfectionnées


Emiko Litao  Accessoires en frivolité

Tatting Lace Flower accesories

Helma Siepmann Tatting Artistry in Thread
Jan Stawasz Tatted Treasures

Tatting – Theory and Patterns
Jane Eborall


Jennifer Williams Tatted Snowflakes
Joëlle Paulson
Jon Yusoff Tatting With Rings

Elegant Tatting Gems

Tatted Snowflakes Collection
Lene Bjorn Tatted Bookmarks – Cross Shaped

24 Snowflakes in Tatting


Lilas Joublot Ma petite leçon de frivolité aux navettes
Lucette Evain Lacan La frivolité à l’aiguille pas-à-pas
 Lyn Morton Tatting Jewellery

Tatting Patterns

The art of tatting

Marilee Rockley  Tatted Jewelry: 11 Stunning Designs Including Necklaces, Earrings and Pendants

Boutique Tatting

Up and Tat’ Em

Tatting With Beads Jewelry

Mary Konior

Tatting with Visual Patterns

A Pattern Book of Tatting

Tatting in Lace

Tatting Patterns

My-Kyoung Ha Tatting lace with your life
Nina Libin Many books
Pascale Provost  La Frivolité : Dentelle aux navettes avec Mick Fouriscot

La Frivolité : Dentelle aux navettes


Robin Perfetti
Rosemarie Peel Learn Tatting

Tatting for Pleasure

Tatting – Basic Patterns

20 Tatted Motifs

Tatting with Colour

Tatting with Beads

Tatting with Beads II


Ruth Perry alias Rozella Linden

Celtic Tatted Choker

Tatted One Shuttle Edgings
Tatted earrings and more

Shabby Chic Tatting

Easy Tatting

Tatted Earrings & More: Earrings

and others…
Sumi Fujishige  Exquise frivolité : Napperons et accessoires élégants

Korenara wakaru tatingu re̔su no hon

Shatoru ikko de amu hajimete no tatingu re̔su

Tatting Lace


 Sumie Beads Tatting objects

Beads Tatting accessories
Takako Peikko Kitano  Accessoires en frivolité

Furawa mochifu no tatingu resu

Tatingu re̔su no chiisana akusesari̔
Teiko Fujito Tatted Fashion

New Tatting

Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito

Teri Dusenbury



 Tatting Hearts
 Tomiko Morimoto



 New Tatting: Modern Lace Motifs & Projects (version anglais de Les bases de la frivolité en 3 étapes)

Fascinante frivolité