I offer my tutorials for tatting shuttles to or needle.

A comparative techniques: shuttle bus, needle and hook


– Equipment


A detailed comparison of the shuttle

A comparison of the sizes of seed beads

Calculate the length of wire on the reel


– The double stitch

Vintage books download: The ladies of the Journal, Items Draughts

The different types of gesture frivolity


– The double double knot

How and what use


– To do

A tutorial to defeat in tatting


– The twisted chain

Explanations and tips


– beads

Tuto put a bead on a picot and What tool to put a bead on a pin

Tuto put beads on the thread of the shuttle or bobbin

Tuto between beads 2 split rings

Set of picots and pearl

The use of a mock ring for a bead in a ring

Le pulled loop join


– front and back in tatting

Front and back and front-side/back-side tatting VS method Jan Stawasz


– The split ring (split ring en anglais)

A tutorial to nest split rings


– false ring (mock ring in english)

A tutorial that shows SCMR and false ring around a pearl.


– Rosette double row of rings

Rosette double row of rings


– ring on rings (Ankars)

A booklet of 2 tutorials and 4 patterns for sale in my shop


– The cluny

Videos in several ways to the cluny

My technique for the cluny