I offer you my tutorials for shuttle tatting or needle.

A comparison of techniques: shuttle, needle and hook


– Equipment


A detailed comparison of the shuttles

A comparison of the sizes of the seed beads

Calculate the length of thread on the shuttle


– Le double stitch

The different types of gesture in tatting

Videos for the double stitch (loop method):


– The double double stitch   How and to what use


– Undo  A tutorial to undo tatting


The twisted chain   Explanations and advice


– Beads

Tutorial put a bead on a picot and What tool to put a bead on a picot

Tutorial put beads on the shuttle thread or the ball thread

Tutorial beads between 2 split rings

Set of picots and beads

Using a mock ring to have a pearl in a ring

Pulled loop join


– Front and back in tatting

Front and back method VS method Jan Stawasz


– split ring

Vidéo Split ring

Tutorial for interlaced split rings

– Block tatting

Tutorial for block tatting (chain on chain)


– Mock ring

Tutorial for SCMR and mock ring for beads.


Rosette with double row of rings

Rosette with double row of rings



Several ways to tat clunies

My way for cluny



The Turkish petal

Vidéo: The Turkish petal