My tatting books

I offer my opinion on some tatting books. This is only an opinion, but I hope it can be useful.

Books ladies – Thérèse de Dillmont

Generations of women knitting was learned, the hook and many other techniques through this book. Click the link to download (a little heavy focus). Frivolity begins page 364. There are also models.


Journal of damsels

A few pages to learn the basics of tatting shuttles to. Click the link to download.


The basics of tatting in 3 steps – Tomoko Morimoto

BasesFrivolitéThis book is above all a very good book for beginners: clear explanations with photos, patterns and perfect models for beginners.

Unfortunately, it seems that this book became not found in French. If you wish at any price, you can still find it in English under the name New Tatting: Modern Lace Motifs & Projects



Tatting shuttles to : Volume 1, The improved fundamentals – Edwige Renaudin

RenaudinThis is by far my favorite book. We must consider this book as an encyclopedia (incomplete, but already significant) of tatting techniques.

To learn the basics, I do not advise, but to deepen, this is an excellent book.

Aesthetically, Japanese books are much more attractive. But to override this aspect to see that it is incomparably richer!

If you can still find the, hurry: he is exhausted at the & rsquo; editor.


Frivolité : Laces shuttles – Pascale Provost

ProvostIt gives me a good book, pleasant to leaf. Pretty pictures, interesting patterns, some that I love. It's sometimes a bit repetitive (the same basis is declined in different forms).

The models are available in size 80 or 100 and are difficult for a beginner.





Accessories for tatting – Takako Troll Kitano

SpecterThis book has everything you love in Japanese books: beautiful pictures with its special aesthetic.

For beginners, the technical explanations are quite clear, although the presentation makes them less easy to follow as the previous book. But again, they are models without beads, So a book suitable for beginners.

For more experienced, I will say that the book contains many classic frivolity.



24 Snowflakes in Tatting – Lene Bjorn

24flakesThis is an English book cheap, Affordable with a rudimentary knowledge of English.

The models are very interesting. They are not suitable for beginners.




Exquisite frivolity – Sumi Fujishige

exquise-frivoleThis is a very nice book which models are interesting. Sumi Fujishige managed the feat of making models accessible to beginners, but also original and interesting for more experienced.

The photos are superb, with placemats, but also a variety of & rsquo; accessories.

The technical explanations present the basics of tatting in a clear and attractive way and can afford to start.

Once again I regret & rsquo; use glue for finishing works… but c & rsquo; is about the only complaint that & rsquo; can be.

If you can still find the, n’hésitez pas: il est en rupture de stock chez l’éditeur.


Accessories for tatting – Emiko Litao

Emiko Kitao


My opinion here:





Fascinating frivolity – Tomoko Morimoto


The latest books in French frivolity.

My full review here:




Beads Tatting Objects de Sumie

Beads Tatting Objects de Sumie




My opinion about this book in Japanese.



Beads tatting accessories de Sumie

total tatting


Another book in Japanese: my opinion

This book is out of stock in the & rsquo; editor, mais j’en ai quelques exemplaires dans ma shop 😉




Tatting Lace de Sumie

Book frivolity Sumie



My opinion about this book frivolity in Japanese.




Tatted Artistry de Teiko Fujito

The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito


A book in English frivolity (but little text): details and my opinion




Jan Stawasz

Jan Stawasz

Jan Stawasz


My view on these 2 books written in English and Polish by Jan Stawasz .





Tatting Lace with your life de Mi-kyoung Ha

Tatting with your lifeNice find with this book, I think here.





Tatted earrings and more – Rozella F. Linden

Tatted Earrings






An Ilustrated dictionary of tatting – Judith Connors

Illustrated Dictionary

This small booklet in English is in the form of & rsquo; a dictionary. It seems that the mission of Judith Connors was d & rsquo; unify the vocabulary of frivolity in English.

For us French, this can be useful even if it n & rsquo; is not exhaustive. C & rsquo; is a work d & rsquo; to deepen buffs frivolity.

An Ilustrated dictionary of tatting contient des schémas, and historical references.


Tatting Lace accessories – Kou Nanami

Tatting Lace Accessories by Kou Nanami

A book in Japanese for details on Turkish frivolity. My opinion here.




Et d’autres encoreoh la la, ma liste n’est plus du tout à jour (⊙.◎)

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  1. Hello, Je voudrais découvrir la frivolité, je suis une addicte du crochet ! Quel ouvrage en fr me conseillez-vous ? Thank you

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