The material for the tatting shuttles

matériel pour la frivolité aux navettes



My advice materials for tatting shuttles to


There are several types of shuttles. The choice depends on individual taste:
– simple column shuttles as mine on the picture.

– shuttles column with a peak at the & rsquo; one end of the shuttle. In theory, allows the tip to catch the thread to make the joints, but with a fine thread, it is much less convenient than a hook. At least, the tip can be useful to break an example node.

– shuttles with a hook at one end of the shuttle. This avoids the use of the hook in addition to the shuttle, but the size of the hook is not necessarily suited to the thread used.

– coil shuttle. Just change to change the coil wire of the shuttle. On this type of shuttle, the concern may come coil lock (coil shuttle Pony eg).

A more complete comparison of different types and brands on the blog and nAvettes frivolity on my shop.


The hook

The hook is a good size when the thread exactly fills the notch.
Hooks for frivolity


Thin blades scissors



Fine sewing needle for finishing.


Templates are used to get regular picots. Toothpicks, plastic sticks, cardboard strips are perfect templates.

Nylon thread

Nylon thread for threading beads or the fishing line are useful adjuncts to stringing beads. They can also serve as a miracle thread.



With regard to the seed beads, my preference is clearly for Miyuki and Toho 15/0. They are a perfect regularity, and their size is well suited to a fine lace.

For other beads, everything is possible: Swarovski, semiprecious beads, Freshwater Pearls…
More details on sizes of beads.




The best result is obtained with mercerized cotton to 6 strands.

The Cordonnet Special and the DMC Special Dentelle fall into this category, as well as the Lizbeth. The Lizbeth has the advantage of existing in many colors, but its quality is not as good as the cordonnet DMC.


The Silk

Silk is a wonderful sweetness, a treat trvailler. But according to my tests, Silk is not a good wire for jewelry. It should be reserved for placemats, bookmarks or other less demanding works on holding. I particularly enjoyed the silk cord Gutermann.
More details on my tests on silk cord Gutermann


The polyester yarn is harder to work than cotton, but it allows for a more solid jewelry and a better hold.


You easily find fine polyester threads, non-elastic and slightly shiny. They are perfect, but must be used 2, 3 or 4 thread thicknesses (a doubled or tripled over not particularly difficult running tatting).
Thread Madeira Heavy Métal is excellent for tatting, it must be tripled. Same for the thread Isacor 40 and the Madeira Polynéon 40.


You can also use wires to leather . This is currently the most used for making jewelry wire. It provides much more solid and jewelry with many holding. Moreover, the son does not need to be doubled or tripled. They are therefore easier to use. However, like all polyester son, it is not recommended for beginners because you have to control the yarn tension.
I currently offer this type of son on my shop.


Attention to the DMC Diamant, it is sold to the frivolity: It certainly suitable for needle tatting but breaks too easily for the shuttle.



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