Short break in big projects

Short break in big projects

Short break in big projects, to make a pair of earrings (for personal use ° ˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°): the M of my book.

In fact, I embroiled myself in my big ongoing projects. Especially for my fan. I was well on my fan, do some tests, then redo everything in another thread. I had opted for a rather thick silk thread for the sake of solidity of this fan really needs to be used and taken with you everywhere. But it occurred to me that the closure of the fan might be compromised by the thickness of the thread.

So I redo everything in cordonnet DMC 60. I'm more confident this for folding. On the other hand, I stumble on the 3rd row… I undid the second time. ( ب_ب )

Short break in big projects

2 thoughts on “Short break in big projects

  1. Hello Lilas,
    Comme d’habitude, ton bijou est d’une grande délicatesse, il est juste superbe,

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