Creative Copyright and craft

From the perspective of the respect of copyright, craft hobbies, it's a jungle! This is a recurring issue, we often poses problem on the group Facebook frivolité on which we want to respect the law. Then, good, I do not speak to those who decided not to care, but people of good will.


Why is it important?

Create a template, it's long, very long. This often requires extensive testing before getting a good result. This activity can be a source of income for people (real people).

finally, I believes it is misogyny. Let me explain: craft hobbies are ultra-feminine activities, so discredited (women's work is worth less than men, it's well known. Result: so we tend to forget that there are also authors in this field!

How it works?

The law varies from country to country. But according to the Berne Convention, the majority of works should be protected for the lifetime of the author and at least 50 years after his death. In most countries (including France), the deadline was extended to 70 years after the death of the author. It is only after this period that the works fall into the public domain and can be freely distributed, used etc..


I bought a book, can I sell pieces made from patterns of this book?

No! The book is yours, but not intellectual property of the patterns. However, the author can possibly sell you a license to use his work. If you sell the benefit of an association of general interest, the author probably will agree, but still need to ask.


I modify 2 or 3 little things, and it becomes my pattern!

No more! The law protects the author also in this case. The law is very drastic. It normally obtain permission from the author of the original work to change it or take inspiration. I seem to have read (but where and is it true?), you have to prove 30% Artwork, at least, is you.


Everyone does it, So why not me?

I refer you to the history of the hummingbird Pierre Rabhi! Everyone should it not do its part, rather than looking at what others are doing?


I can not / do not want to buy patterns

  • So do it yourself. Operate your creativity!
  • Many blogs share free patterns.
  • The old books are free and there are wonders to discover!





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