Test sur les boucles d'oreille cabochon

Test earrings cabochon

Following a conversation with Virginie, I did a test today on earrings cabochon from my book. Initially, the pattern is made with polyester 40. The delicacy of lace is maintained by the central cabochon. I like it with this thread.

Today I wanted to test the same pattern with a polyester 30. I didn't change any double stitch, but it works! Lace is less fine of course, but it is very correct I think.

Test earrings cabochon


Another work today, with a blusher veil 2 with small decorated combs:

Test earrings cabochon

5 thoughts on “Test earrings cabochon

  1. houaaaa !! J’ai envie de pleurer là !!!!!
    Ton cabochon tien !! et moi il tombait entre mes anneaux 🙁 pas grâve je vais continuer, continuer jusqu’à ce que jy arrive lol
    Merci pour ton aide si précieuse

    1. Yes, bien sûr que ça marche! C’est un modèle difficile, il faut trouverle truc”. Mais cela va venir!

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