a small, easy to wear necklace

A small easy to wear necklace

The program for this week: finalizing the handkerchief and the creation of a small, easy to wear necklace.

I wanted to give an easy to wear necklace to my sister, because we must admit that the beautiful necklaces we all love are not wearable for any occasion! If you want to inspire you to my necklace, you will find the pattern Tatted Diamond de Isabella Beeton on Elsa's blog.
I tatted with a silk thread Au ver à Soie.


And a small photo of the finished hanky?

a small, easy to wear necklace

a small, easy to wear necklace

I'm pretty happy with the result and particularly pleased to be done with it. (◦’ںˉ◦)

I now want to return to smaller pieces.

6 thoughts on “A small easy to wear necklace

  1. Superbe ! You've still got quickly! J’ hope it will not remain at the bottom’ .Pourtant a closet would be nice room to put under glass so it's fine ! Beautiful !

    1. Thank you Anne-Marie, I think I have spent thirty hours… Still. Finally I think it will be used, because those I had done it a few years ago are.

  2. Your sister will be delighted to wear your beautiful necklace.
    I finish a bracelet and then I also make myself a necklace ” master key ” lol J’ hesitates between ” yvoire or old rose ”
    And the handkerchief, would let the unfortunate at the bottom’ a drawer .

    1. thank you Virginia. Ah, when you have the choice of colors, it's hard to choose! I will be glad to see your side in any case.

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