Que diriez-vous d'un quizz?

How about a quiz?

This week, I received a very special request: The realisation of 2 handkerchiefs “traditional” High quality. I have to use a high quality fabric, handmade "roulotté and tat white or ecru border.

It is not so common to receive this type of request and waiting for the arrival of the fabric, I plunge with delight in old books. I found so many wonders that I have trouble choosing!

I did a little test with this pattern that I like a lot. This allows me to think about how to handle the corners of the hanky.

But do you recognize where does this pattern comes from?

How about a quiz?

4 thoughts on “How about a quiz?

  1. Ninetta did one recently in 2 colours. It looks similar. I can’t paste a link to her blog, but you will see it on my blog list if you scroll down.
    It is such a pretty pattern.

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