Mon bracelet en frivolité cauchemar

Je poste enfin au sujet d’un bracelet qui me fait souffrir depuis de nombreuses semaines.
I post finally about a bracelet which makes me suffer for numerous weeks.

J’ai fais des essais dans le sens de quelque chose de très géométrique et … des essais, j’en ai fait tant et plus!
I have make tries in the sense of something very geometrical and tries, I made it so much and more!

J’aime assez le principe général de ce bracelet, mais les finitions! C’est à s’arracher les cheveux. Je ne sais quoi penser.
I like enough the general principle of this bracelet, but the finishes! That is enough to make you lose your hair. I do not know what to think.

Pour le moment, en tous cas, je laisse de côté ce patron. C’est un peu dommage, je n’ai plus le courage de m’acharner dessus pour le moment.
For the moment, in any case, I leave aside this pattern. It is a little bit it’s a pity, I have no more the courage to persist above for the moment.

Bon, je le compte quand même pour mon 25 motif challenge! Well, I consider it all the same for my 25 motif challenge!

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  1. Hello Lilas
    I’m trying to post a comment again, as you requested 🙂
    I Love the bracelet & pattern you’ve created. Why did you sturggle with it ? Hope you find the motivation to take it up again, soon.

    1. Thank you Muskaan. I’m reassured that there is not a problem.
      I’m not satisfied by the joins, it doesn’t look very clean. But I just see a post on Umi and Tsuru’s blog. She tat a similar motif, but the method is totaly different!
      I’m fed up for the moment, but I shall recover there later.

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